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Locked in the room and guarded

So – I have several sources to confirm this and bit more to share on it.

“One night during Daystar, John wanted to meet with the entire camera department after service to go over improvements we all could make.

We were told to meet in the camera room after service, around 10:30. After a long service, we headed back and were waiting for him.

Around 11:00pm, an usher came back and told us he was meeting with Steve, and we were all supposed to go over to the WRSM building for the meeting. The usher escorted us all over.

After another 30 minutes, John popped his head in, and told us it would be a while longer. He then closed the door and locked it.

I heard him tell the usher outside not to allow anyone out until he came back. Sometime around 12-12:30 John finally came back, unlocked the door and began to go over how we had been screwing up shots. There was no food or water in the classroom we were locked in, nor were there bathrooms. The way they treat people borders on abuse.”

I spoke with a former usher and they confirmed that they would offer be used and told not to leave people out of rooms on leaderships orders.

“I remember something like Jonathan calling me down to the WRSM building (on radio) and telling me to stand at those doors. I was super confused what was going on though. Jonathan was like “just stand here and don’t let anyone out.”

”Keep in mind, even the ushers/security people were pretty sleep deprived, so they were just doing what told without a thought to it.“

I felt like I was roped into something. But had no clue what. Stuff like that happened occasionally. Jonathan would call me to stand in his place.”

“Occasionally” meaning this was not a one-time occurrence.

For the thought of people just leaving, it may be worth noting that many of the security team and ushers did carry weapons.


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