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Double Standards/Adventures in God

Vacations, sabbaticals, and missing services at all, were strongly discouraged, mocked, or warned against as if it would be detrimental to the revival/kingdom or to members’ position in the revival/kingdom. Unless you were in Steve’s family.

Anytime Gray family members got elective / anti-aging procedures and had to miss services for their recovery, they said they were away having “Adventures in God.”

Sometimes they’d be gone for 4-6 weeks having these mysterious adventures.

Books were often written during these recovery times as a way to have something to show for being gone so long.

There’s nothing wrong with having “work done.” Everyone knew “work” had been done after they’d return from their time of disappearance.

But somehow the Gray family was the exception to every burdensome rule their messages weighed members down with.

While Kathy was gone from services with no explanation, Steve at one point sheepishly announced “Kathy is just gone having adventures in god and working a special project”.

Their teachings chastised, excommunicated, or punished members for missing services for their “illegitimate” “worldly” or “selfish” reasons – some members were publicly excommunicated for attending a different church’s healing service, and that is what makes their behavior so hypocritical.

Family time, a sabbatical away to grieve a loved ones death, an illness- none of these were worthy reasons to miss church, but plastic surgery or weight loss camp was TOTALLY an acceptable reason, as long as you were in the Gray family. Again. it’s not the elective surgeries that are bad.

It’s the hypocritical double standards and their elevated-lifestyles juxtaposed against the exacting attendance-regulation and scrutiny of their financially-strapped and struggling members’ free time & money.

The Christmas drummer boy who had no gift for baby Jesus “still had a drum to give!” as Steve would often say during the holiday season-Essentially, if you had a dollar left for a candy bar, you were expected to give it to “god” instead.

Meanwhile, Kathy enjoyed multiple walk-in closets filled to the brim of brand name clothing, got manicures and rejuvenation treatments regularly. And a few “Adventures in God.”

Perfectly acceptable time and money expenditures, as long as you’re in the family.


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