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Leftover food is only for the Grays

I spoke with three people who verified this story.



“Often after large events where food was offered and there were leftovers, the food would be packed up taken to Steve and Kathy’s house for them.

Most churches would offer this food to families in need, college students, or any others who and to scrounge money to feed themselves. This food went home with the Grays.

Sometimes vendors I worked with would come by and give food gifts – think a doll’ed up container of spaghetti with all the fixings. I wasn’t making enough to feed my family and those gifts were such a blessing – except once Bobbie and Kathy found out – they took the food and I ended up with nothing to eat because I couldn’t afford anything…. While they made hundreds of thousands of dollars and took any extra food lying around.”


“During the Steve and Kathy Show, crew that took their entire Sunday to setup the ‘studio’ would sometimes be ‘blessed’ by some $5 pizzas — IF Kathy felt benevolent, and IF we begged her over and over to be kind to the workers. After a while, she told everyone to just bring their own food, because they weren’t in the business of feeding everyone.”


“For a few weeks, I was able to get $50 worth of pizza approved to feed all the volunteers. There were so many that it amounted to about 2 slices per volunteer. One Sunday, Kathy said, ‘NO! These people need to worry about their own food, we’re not in the business of feeding people, this is THEIR responsibility. You need to get more volunteers to cook food for these volunteers.’

I was in charge of scheduling volunteers for anything media related, and we were already beyond strained at the time, often pleading with people who were already stretched so thin to come in and work.

I remember John actually being enraged at Kathy’s response, saying to me, ‘These people have given up EVERYTHING and are here, working 30-40 hours on HER show and she can’t spend $50 to give them pizza?!’ A few times, john would spend his own money to feed people. Usually, volunteers were WRSM students, people between jobs, etc., so they had no money to eat.”


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