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Praise God! … I mean, Steve

When we filmed testimonies or personal interest stories for the grays, we had explicit instructions on how to shape, mold and guide peoples testimonies.

Usually the person would be excited and a little star struck at being chosen to speak of their miracle for Steve’s show.

They would passionately share how they had struggled and God had come through for them. We were told to smile, and say “instead of God, could you say ‘the ministry of Steve and Kathy?’” – they would blink, laugh nervously then agree to the request.

“After all,” we were coached to say, “if it wasn’t for the ark of revival that Steve had made here, you wouldn’t have been able to get that touch from God. This is just how we have to say it because the viewer might get confused.”

They’d agree that was wise and right, and ask to film it again as they smiled and said how the ministry of Steve and Kathy Gray had got them the breakthrough they needed, usually without any reference to God anymore. Looking back, it was sick and disgusting, and I abhor that I was party to any of it.

There was always a spin / coaxing/ coaching involved so that they could use clips of people saying “because of Steve and Kathy.” A few times, people happened to mention the name of the “prayer warrior”(A person designated to pray for people, usually a loyal core member) and it made Kathy upset enough that testimony-gatherers had to start instructing people not to say ANYONES name except Steve/Kathy.


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