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Couldn’t afford my “discount”

I was in my last year at WRSM (World Revival School of Ministry) when a new person took over as administrative assistant to run the school.

My whole time there I had been working for the school and church under what they called a “covenant agreement” that the last administrative assistant had requested for me as they knew I had very low financial resources and was a super hard worker.

Suddenly, the new administrative assistant told me that Steve and Kathy decided the school didn’t have the money to afford to keep my “covenant agreement” effective immediately.

I practically threw a fit and was crying and told them I couldn’t afford to complete school without it.

I’m sure it kind of freaked them out a bit so they went back to talk to the Grays who then finally agreed to keep me on until graduation.

Let’s review how much they were “paying” me that the school/church suddenly couldn’t afford to lose… Oh yeah, absolutely nothing.

My pay was in the form of them giving me a $200 DISCOUNT off my tuition of which I was already paying TO them, but if they thought I might actually drop out because I couldn’t pay, I guess now they can suddenly afford to “give” me the previously agreed on $200 every 3 months for the 40+ volunteer hours I put in every single week year after year.


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