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We’ll just say ‘We’re in a recession’

I remember Steve Gray accidentally bragging to me about being such a cunning businessman and he said, “we can just say, ‘we’re in a recession so you’ll have to take less pay’ and people will accept it, regardless. A lot of businesses are going to do that to reduce costs you know.”

He must have forgotten I was an employee.

Two weeks later Bobbie sent an email saying, “We’re in a recession, you’re going to have to work longer hours for less pay.”

I quit that day.

Lies come so easily for this family.

It’s sad. They justify every unethical/ immoral thing they do because they see themselves and their cause as more worthy than anyone else’s well being. The end never justifies the means if you’re truly an ethical person. I just wish people could see how little people actually matter to this family.


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