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Unqualified to Teach

A couple of days before Labor Day one year, I got a call from Bobbie. I had been chosen, she said, to teach a new class at the academy.

I was flabbergasted and speechless – I had never taught before, I had no experience, and I was already working upwards of 100 hours a week.

I tried to get out of it, but I was told it was for the kids and I had to. I scrambled and put together an outline, and was told I should be at the teacher meet and greet that night, all of which was a total surprise with no advanced knowledge.

I stayed up for several nights trying to get my teaching plan together. I always got to class early, and more often than not saw the class right before me.

Usually Ms. Hill would be sitting in the back of the class working on her laptop, and the kids would be goofing around.

I tried the best I could to teach, with minimal success despite my best efforts.

Once Christmas came I was ecstatic to be done….

Until I got a call in early January asking why I wasn’t in my class. Apparently no one had told me the class was an entire year…. Of teaching children…. With no advanced preparation provided… with no educational experience… and no communication whatsoever.

I am not surprised one bit that kids who come out of the academy have no skills whatsoever for the real world. We were treated like expendable pawns, moved around place to place according to the family’s whim.


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