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A Parent’s Apology

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I am so deeply grieved. I am so sorry that I was a part of “those parents” who propagated Steve’s agenda. I’m so sorry for all the hurt and trauma inflicted on our kids. We are still working through our own trauma, and I know other parents who are doing the same. The question has been asked many times: How could we, as parents, not see what was happening to our children?

We trusted. It’s that simple. We had life changing experiences with God, which further made it appear that Steve was ushering in something new. We were victims of a narcissist without knowing how a narcissist operates. There were things along the way that made us question, but there was no one to ask because of the consequences.

Under the guise of revival, we submitted to something we desperately wanted to be a part of- changing the world.

Having said that, I look back now, and read the posts and realize all the pain and trauma that was inflicted on our children and young women. I can’t look away. It haunts me. I think about it every single day and rehearse how it could have been different if I would have known.

We had a close friend from Smithton/World Revival Church who joked about his evil make-believe twin, “Tyrone.” One time, I asked my son about Tyrone. His response was, “You don’t want Tyrone to come out.” I just thought Tyrone was mischievous.

To know now, that at least 2 boys went to Steve about being victimized (by Tyrone and another male) and nothing was done, blows me away. Not even my own son shared with me what was really happening.

To know there are stories upon stories of the same kinds of abuse is overwhelming. I don’t even have the words to convey my sorrow.

All I can do now is seek your forgiveness and do what I can to help you heal. I’m so proud of all of you for sharing your stories.


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