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Alone at His House

I remember these horrible humiliating emails back and forth between Steve Gray and I when I got engaged.

I had been going to the church for over 10 years and he had barely ever spoken to me.

Suddenly, I was getting emails from him as though he had some sort of investment in my life and my choices.

The whole thing is bizarre and off, but at the time I was embarrassingly graveling for his affirmation and validation.

Then, there’s the second situation that surfaced where I had made the decision to leave the church to go youth pastor in Phoenix.

Steve had me over to his house (I was 20 years old). When I got there no one was home. Not Kathy. Not Nichole. Just me and Steve.

He went to work telling me that I had a special calling there and that I would be letting go of my future and destiny if I left him and the church.

He told me how horribly I would be treated anywhere else and that if I stuck with him I could have the world. He proceeded to play me songs he wrote that “I haven’t shown anyone else”…. Etc etc.

At the time I didn’t realize what was happening. It hit me much later how inappropriate and manipulative he was being.


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