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Family and Warning Signs

The above video helps bring some context to the control World Revival Church puts on families. Steve basically says if you aren’t in church enough, or you talk bad about him, your children will leave you. These kind of threats are common place. Without further ado, here is the article.

Do you have children? Nothing means more to me than my children.

I will never get past knowing the damage this place brings to children, parents and families. The thought of any baby going into that nursery sends chills down my spine.

The very first time we visited, all the people there seemed organized and well-groomed on how to talk to new people. Everyone gave us a positive spin, we received prayer, and believed the prayer would take root and produce what we longed for, a loving and well-functioning family.

I remember clearly the prayer Kathy Gray prayed for me. She prayed that God would answer all of my prayers because I came to that place. I only had one prayer for 20-plus years, to have all of my children and family united and loving God.

Needless to say, when God did start answering my prayer of unity in my family was when I started receiving less than supportive responses from all the people I knew from this place.

I started to receive only one conversation with every person whom attended there, including the closest people in my circle. That conversation was only about weather I missed a service or not. It was like I entered the twilight zone.

Division between children, parents and anyone is strongly encouraged here, if one or the other doesn’t attend these services.

It is common practice to never get a one on one with the pastor or his wife. In fact, one time after a service my little, sweet girl, ran up to Kathy Gray and was so full of love that she just wanted to hug her. When she made her way to find her, Kathy saw she was coming and turned her back on her. Surrounded by security guards, my daughter looked up at me and began to cry, another red flag.

I came here wanting God to melt away the dysfunction in us, all the while, I was beginning to see I was surrounded by more dysfunction in this church than I had witnessed in my prior 30 years of ministry.

Here are a few of the red flags:

1. No one’s allowed to have a one on one or any conversation with Kathy or Steve, unless they warrant it and are surrounded by security.

2. No one’s allowed to ‘question authority’.

3. Children aren’t allowed to color, read, eat snacks, talk to parent or sibling without security being notified during a 2-4 hour service 3-4 days per week.

4. There are cameras strategically placed around the sanctuary for the point of watching the people during the service. People’s behavior during a service is monitored.

5. Small children are forced to hold up their hands during ‘worship’. I’ve witnessed small children having their hands held up by adults. Typing this makes me feel sad.

6. Children are constantly reprimanded for behavior that Steve or Kathy Gray may not like.

7. Many of the leaders use the (fear of not rising to the Gray’s standards) to manipulate a certain behavior in both children and adults.

8. Worship music will be stopped and people will be rebuked when certain behaviors aren’t being manifested during the service.

9. It is common practice for Steve Gray to tell your children that he loves them more than you do.

10. It’s common practice for Steve Gray to tell your children that the only problems they have is you.

11. It is common to see people divorcing their current spouse only to get married to a different member.

12. It is common practice to be reprimanded publicly and privately for missing a service for any of these reasons, taking a vacation, taking a night off, having children in sports, visiting family, celebrating Christmas, working, celebrating a birthday, etc.

13. It is common practice to reject anyone, including children, parents, relatives, spouses, friends, neighbors, etc. who don’t attend WRC or did and then left.

14. Anyone who leaves this church or disagrees with leadership is deemed unsafe. Even your children or parents. I’ve had to make amends with so many people because of the harm I caused while following the much restricted, unscriptural practices, during my time there.

If I save one person the heartache me and my family went through, it was worth writing this. – Michelle


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