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A Plea and a Warning about Steve Gray

By Mark

The above video helps provide context to “Mark’s” experience and warning about Steve Gray. Some of the content providers to this blog choose to remain anonymous to the nature of the cult. They don’t want to lose contact with friends and family who are still in and I have chosen to honor that request because getting the information and the stories out about this place are more important. Without further ado, here is Mark’s warning.

Steve gray was a cult leader from the beginning in Smithton. I can’t begin to imagine the hundreds, if not thousands of lives he and his wife have ruined over the past decades. They are in this for themselves. Always have been, always will be.

Steve drones on and on and on about “Revival! Revival! REVIVAL!” He whips people up, and intimidates them to show up at church for multiple nights week end and week out, and tries to squeeze as much money as he can from all of them.

BUT………when Steve is talking about “revival”, it has NOTHING to do with the Great Commission. Nope. Revival, to Steve Gray, is a never-ending emotional rollercoaster, with him designing the track.

If one has been a part of his “church” for any amount of time, you know exactly what I am talking about. To be “in revival” basically means that you turn 100 percent of your life over to Steve Gray and his “movement.” You neglect your family, the lost around you, your rest and your sanity – ALL of your life to lay at the feet of Steve Gray. And, Steve will squeeze every last drop out of you, until you finally burn out, your family broken, your wallet empty, and your relationship with Jesus almost nonexistent.

If you had a good walk with the Lord before you entered Steve’s “kingdom,” then you have to begin the journey back to Jesus, spending much time in repentance and soul searching, because you SAW all the neon lights flashing, telling you to walk away. But, you enjoyed the show too much and Steve petted your vanity.

However, and this is the true tragedy, for many, many people, Stevie’s circus church was their first experience as a Christian. For these people, when they finally realize that Steve is a con artist and that they have been had, it’s just too much. They not only walk out the doors of WRC, but they walk away from their Christian faith as well. They cannot think about Jesus without thinking about Steve Gray. The two are almost impossible to separate for them. Steve Gray was so insanely spotlighted as “God’s man” that they worshiped HIM almost as much as Jesus. Truth be told, many of them worshiped him MORE. A TRUE leader would have been aghast at this, but Steve LOVED the adulation. He not only loved it, he EXPECTED it.

Steve Gray is a wolf. I don’t say that about many people, even those with whom I disagree. The scary thing about Steve is that he is NOT sincere, but wrong. Steve KNOWS what he is doing every step of the way. Why don’t you think he cares about witnessing or about fellowship with other churches? Because Steve needs you to be 100 percent under his control. Steve knows that if you smell the sweet move of the Spirit, you will realize you are sitting under a wolf. He cannot CONTROL you if you actually read the Scriptures for yourself and then question him when he manipulates the crowd.

And BELIEVE ME – anyone who dares to question Steve the Wolf is thrown out on their butt as fast as Kathy can kick them to the curb. Not only are you thrown away, but Steve makes sure that no one under his spell will ever talk to you again or try and “bring you back to the fold”.

You see, if Steve were sincerely wrong about his practices, he would encourage people to reach out to those people who were kicked out due to “sin in their life.” Many sincere people are in cults. No, Steve HAS to make sure that when he gets rid of you, that no one in the church will find out the REAL reason, because they may start to realize that behind his toothy grin is the face of a wolf.

Steve is a sick man. He is a fraud. He sucks the life out of other people to stroke his sick ego. He is a liar, a cheat, a man who so controls his little empire, that he is under NO AUTHORITY other than himself. If you dare to question him, he will squash you like a bug, and then brag about it. He is cruel, vindictive, phony, and is a vampire who can only live another day by sucking the blood from anyone around him.

If you still attend this travesty of a place – RUN! Get as far away from this wolf as you can. Run straight into the arms of Jesus and never let go. DO NOT allow you and your family to suffer another day. Steve is not “God’s man.” He never was.

Steve Gray is nothing more than a TBN wannabe. He screwed over his Smithton flock years ago because he thought if he moved to Kansas City that he could be “the next big thing.” This man has the biggest ego of anyone I have ever known. Steve’s inflated ego first tried to dazzle with “the Steve and Kathy Show.” When that did not take the Christian world by storm, he whipped up a “revival” and managed to get Daystar to promote him. Perhaps Daystar thought Stevie was going to be the newest “big move” in the charismatic world. But alas, that fizzled too. Poor Kathy and daughter dear even tried to create a “women’s show,” but they couldn’t even sell THAT.

So, right now isn’t a real happy time for Steve the Wolf. He’s been at this revival shtick for 30 years and he blew his chance at the big time. Daystar isn’t calling, the national TBN show with accompanying cash flow and superstar recognition escaped him.

Right now, Steve Gray is not a happy wolf. Tick tock, tick tock. He and Kathy aren’t spring chickens and Steve’s ego WILL NOT allow him to “just” be a pastor of a ho-hum church in the Midwest. It wasn’t supposed to end this way. In Steve’s mind, the people owe him this. Do you have any idea what Steve and Kathy have done to acquire fame and fortune? Do you realize how many people they have destroyed in the process, thinking, always plotting, the end justifies the means.

At World Revival Church in Kansas City, there stands one mean ol’ angry wolf. At this point in his life, Steve Gray expected to be buying jets with Kenneth Copeland and being recognized all over the world. In reality, Steve is nothing but a bit player in the world of Christian celebrity, and I can personally tell you that this enrages him. Remember, this is NOT about Jesus, this is about STEVE GRAY, anointed prophet, comedian, musician, and the coolest guy on the planet.

Beware when the wolf is angry and darkness looms on the horizon. Be careful because the angry wolf bites.  —— Mark


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