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From the time I was 15 and attending Smithton, it was always the younger females that got the attention of Steve Gray. I wanted so much to be one of the ones who got to sit and talk with him.

It was normally two older teens that eventually left for college. I know their names but will withhold them. I felt special when he would pick me to pray along side him for the masses.

After late nights, certain people were invited to a house (the Eckerle’s) and he would invite certain teen females to sit next to him or even on his lap. It was always the young female teens.

To be clear, I didn’t see anything like fondling happening.

Many times Kathy was never around. I felt like he prayed upon those hurting.

One night in particular (I was 16), he pulled me out of the masses and prayed for me during the middle of the service.

While laying on the ground he knelt over me and said “You are safe here. I will protect you and nobody will hurt you ever again. Just follow my instructions and stick close to me.”


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