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“Please tell me you aren’t leaving…”

This a letter from an adult parent to their adult child who was planning on leaving.

Image is a screen shot of the email from the parent:

“I am not roped in. Tell me you are not planning to leave. I knew that a month ago. [Name redacted] told me you were no longer coming to Friday or Saturday, unless you had a job. [Name redacted] told us you were trying to ease your way out too. So, I am not roped at all. You are heading out. Tell me you’re not.

Your waning commitment bothers me most. Also, right now I carry the health of [Name redacted] on my shoulders, with all the [redacted], and friends like the [Names redacted]. I have the power, and can come up with the reasons to split.

Your decisions and beliefs have already started pulling people out. I hope all that do leave the church over this are able to keep pure hearts and a passion for God. I trust they will. Your impact will be significant. If I leave, that will be slightly more significant. If we do, I pray we can find a way to slip out with a “family reason.”

Look, let’s plan on talking. You will have to put on your lead boots, cause there is no way this will be an easy conversation and I don’t want stomping out and door slamming. But it’s time. I must explain why we are still sitting in green chairs and you must explain why you are not, even if you’re not here just 50 percent of the time.”


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