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Chewed up and Spit out

TW: Abuse…

“We know your thoughts, as Jesus did.”

“Prayer warriors have been given special discernment to know people’s hearts”.

“Steve can know your thoughts”.

“The holy spirit gives us discernment to know what is in people’s hearts”

Outlandish claims to know what people are thinking, or know people better than they knew themselves were constant. CONSTANT.

Often times, you’d be TOLD what you were thinking, whether you were thinking it or not.

So… when dozens of children and youth experienced such a wide range of abuse from all kinds sexual abuse, to physical abuse (slapping, hitting, excessive spanking, pinching/twisting skin, dangerous physical restraining, getting dragged by their arms, getting hit with wooden boards -places where there would always be clothing or a diaper to cover the welts – etc, etc. etc.) where was this “holy spirit discernment” and “knowing of thoughts” then?

Steve and fam are all mandatory reporters of suspected abuse.

They keep saying, “no one has ever reported it.” But it’s THEIR duty to report it. Remember that.

I remember Steve preached a sermon saying that “if your son is dull, depressed, lethargic, they’re actually probably on drugs and doing them in secret or it’s a demon of depression.”

NEVER ONCE did any parent get ACTUAL resources when there were BLATANT warning signs of abuse impacting SO. MANY. CHILDREN.

It’s a red flag for a child to show PTSD symptoms and have signs of depression. Even with an “academy” and church, places of typical safety, there was nothing actually protecting the vulnerable people. There was no reporting to CPS when children showed up in the same clothing for WEEKS.

Parents were SO busy trying to keep this “arc” afloat for the Gray family, that they neglected their own children, too busy and chaotic to do anything about the glaring red flags.

The bottom line: When the Gray fam says, “People are our treasures” they only mean “People are our LIVELIHOOD.”

Members are NOTHING MORE than a revenue stream or the free labor source they provide. THAT’S IT.

What makes this Gray family the most upset? When people leave, when people miss their volunteer jobs, when people take their two feet and wallet somewhere else.

They have publicly excommunicated members for attending other healing revivals. BUT the rapists, wife-beaters, unfaithful husbands, child-abusers etc. all received protection and safe sanctuary, while victims are silenced and maligned.

If someone in your family or someone that you care about is abused there, they will sweep it under the rug as they have dozens and dozens of times, and do whatever it takes to keep as many members happy and attending as possible for the sake of their revenue and businesses. IF the unthinkable happens to your child, THEY WILL NOT CARE. They will only care about keeping everyone quiet as possible to not rock the boat or lose money and resources.

Less than 1 in 4 people report assault/rape. So when they say, “no one has reported anything”. That does not mean it didn’t happen.

And for children and people who experienced psychological abuse, which is even more difficult to SHOW, they’re even less likely to report it. It’s not a tangible thing you can point to like a bruise or a physical act of violence.

Please know, whoever is reading this, there are hundreds of churches who DO provide resources, who WILL care about you. WRC is not a place that’s worth the risk. If you want to go to church and be a Christian, there are far safer places to do so. This is not the place.

If God is not limited to specific geographical locations, you can find him other places. Do not risk the mental, physical, and financial health of your loved ones by becoming a member here. The people and families who have been ground down and chewed up and spit out and left on the side of the road by this family are in the dozens and dozens.


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