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Manipulated Revival Part 2


I was employed and worked directly for Steve and Kathy and was in all of the meetings where they planned how to stage “May 2nd” and other “pivotal” key moments of “revival.”

I made propaganda reels for the media department.

Of course they didn’t call them that, though. We made a “before and after video” after May 2 to prove there was an actual “uptick” of revival in order to compete with the Christian-news attention that the Lakeland Revival was getting.

So, I had to dig up the worship leader playing slow songs, as sleepy and soft sounding as possible, videos of people kneeling, hands folded, etc. as the “before” – then find the wildest, craziest most militant shots of people freaking the *&$! out high on Jesus and shaking as the “after.”

Even though nothing really changed (Steve threw the mic onto the ground and sat on the stage like a toddler throwing a tantrum until people were emotional enough and Dustin worked everyone into a tizzy and Steve finally said it was good enough) everyone felt the need to behave more emotionally and outwardly cray cray for Jesus…

So, the video helped “prove” we had been revived. Dustin was instructed to play more warfare songs, and they turned up the volume. It was all pre-planned. We sent this demo and press releases out to Christian news outlets basically begging for someone to pick up the story. They were desperate for fame. We had to spin everything into a sensational story. Finally, Daystar took the bait.


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