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World Revival Church – nepotism is our business

One of the key things one can see pretty early on at World Revival Church is how much favoritism is placed on those related to Steve Gray. These practices have been pretty standard from the beginning.

It’s interesting to take a look at the place as a business, and in this post we will solely take a look at just World Revival Church, and not Steve Gray Ministries or The Revival Network.

World Revival Church as a business began in the 70s as a traveling Christian music band called Jubilation Ministries. As time went on and the band stopped traveling, Steve took over Smithton Community Church. The non-profit business took over SCC, and when the move to Kansas City happened, Jubilation Ministries also became World Revival Church.

Some points to consider before the listing. All business decisions have to go through a board and have majority agreement, other people don’t have any power in decisions.

All information listed regarding the board and the amendments that established Jubilation Ministries are listed in the documents section of this page.

Jubilation Ministries Board

Articles of Incorporation Est. 1977 by Steve Gray, Jeanne Gray – Steve’s mom, and Tom Trout – Steve’s brother-in-law, – Established Jubilation as a music ministry. All decisions must meet 2/3 consensus – All members related to Steve Gray

Registration Report 1980/81 – Tom Trout switched out for Steve’s wife, Kathy. The board is now Steve’s mom, wife, and himself

1983 – Steve replaces Jeanne Gray as president. Board is the same.

1988 – Dan Gray is added to the board, Steve’s brother. Kathy and his mom are still on.

1989 – Dan is removed.

1990 – Dan Gray is back on. Jeanne is no longer there.

1995 – Dan is removed. Eric Nuzum is now on the board. He is Steve’s nephew.

2000 – Business address has changed to 9900 View High Drive – the current location of World Revival Church

2002 – Steve has added Randy Long and Christine Meuli to the board of directors, but not officers.

2003 – Eric Nuzum removed from officers. Randy Long removed from board. Bobbi King added to board and officers. Bobbi is Steve’s daughter.

2015/16 – Christine Meuli replaced from board of directors with Bill Gilpin.


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