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An Open Letter to members of World Revival Church

Dear current and former members of World Revival Church,

Some of you may know me, others – no. I grew up in this church. My family began attending around 1989/1990 time frame. I have been around since the days of Smithton Community Church and saw the beginning days of the revival.

For most of my life I was on board with the teaching of Steve Gray. I thought what God was doing there was going to bring revival to the world.

When I graduated high school and went off to college, I thought I was going out to be an emissary of global revival. I had received so much teaching and training from the church and from Steve – it was my calling to go out!

After some frustration post-college getting a job, I found myself back home in KC and attending church services again. I heard rumors of things being off behind the scenes, but brushed them off as no place is perfect. I soon found myself heading off for the military, with the same mindset as when I left for college.

I ended up getting married, and after my military contract, found myself back home. This time those whispers had grown. But, I still ignored them for the same reasons as before.

Eventually, I took a job offer that took me away again. Soon after my departure, those voices had grown into shouts. I couldn’t ignore them anymore. So, I began digging to see what was going on.

Here is what I have found: victims of spiritual trauma – many who have lost their faith, physical beatings from Steve and Kathy, cover ups of sexual abuse in the name of sacrificing for revival, keeping lists of members who have left, attendance tracking, lies about future plans from the pastor in the name of giving money to the ministry, raising money for projects that only cost a portion of what was given, hiring of inadequate employees when warned about it, paying employees below minimum wage in the name of some mandatory hours being “volunteer,” a 500K+ home for the pastors, pastors’ boats and jet skis being paid for out of church funds because they are listed in church property taxes, blatant fear and manipulation to get members to give more and attend more services, multiple copyright violations on creative endeavors, taking money from other churches due to “not labeling the money properly,” broken promises, overworked employees with no regard for their families, embellished testimonies, and much, much more.

One of the keys you will find is how the spontaneous moments and even the uptick, were actually planned out events by the pastors.

On this website you will find documents recording taxes, business registrations where you see the names of members changed and circulated, e-mail correspondence, attendance tracking, a list of former members, and videos highlighting his manipulation, as well as Steve Gray putting people in front to praise him.

Please take a moment to look through these. As this page continues, stories will be shared by other former members who have endured and survived this place.


3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to members of World Revival Church

  1. I was a part of this cult during the transition to KC and before. It almost completely shipwrecked my faith. It did shipwreck the faith of pretty much every young person who was a member there. Steve Gray is evil and a control freak narcissist. He demands total control of every life there. It’s a cult by definition and I will tell him to his face if I ever see him again. I might spit on him. He’s worse than a criminal because he uses God to control people. He’s sick. He will give an account one day for his sickness and greed. I know many people who are still struggling to understand and make sense of what happened to them there. He berated his members and even their children – telling us how awful we were and how much God hates us – 5 days a week – for YEARS. He needs to look in the mirror. And Steve – if you’re reading this – which I’m sure you are since you try to control everything on the Internet about you and you’re obsessed about your image…I just want you to know that absolutely no one has heard of you, you’re not famous, nobody cares, nobody thinks your ministry is a center of what gods doing in the world except for your cult members. Also I just wanna remind you that it’s not about you


  2. Hi Daniel. I have researched and followed the ‘Smithton “Outpouring’ from the cornfields Smithton to WRC KC. i wrote a blog on my findings and observations. thank you for the work you are doing in exposing all of this sickening carnality, in the form of Steve Gray. I’ve read all most all of the contribution letters in your site here. this is my blog. Thanks again for your efforts and concern.I have been addressing the issue of christian cults for several years as well. Here’s my blog on WRC. I drew heavily from your work. I posted your story on fb as well, highlighting the fabricated ‘outpouring. ‘


    1. Thank you! Your blog is great! The work you do is invaluable!


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